This week has ended so much better than I could have ever imagined.

A week ago, Olivia and I set out to try and meet one of our favourite actors, Martin Freeman. At the very most, we thought we might just get a quick glimpse of him on set, and we ended up actually shaking his hand. He was incredibly polite and took the time to stop and chat with us for a minute even though he had no obligation to. Olivia mentioned that her and I were the two girls that had been on set watching the action the other day, and after he laughed he remembered he had seen us. Olivia then jokingly said “We’re not crazy, we just really wanted the chance to meet you,” to which he replied “Oh sure, where else are you going to fucking turn up? You’d better not show up at my front door promising that you’re not crazy.” We laughed, and he said “but really, it’s ok.” We all got the chance to introduce ourselves and shake his hand, and after a few more moments of chatting, Olivia mention how much we love Sherlock and that we were all rooting for him to win another BAFTA for his performance in season three. After we all thanked him for taking the time to say hello and take a picture with us, he said “It’s lovely to meet you all, and good luck in Boston.”

It was one of the most incredible moments I have ever experienced. People say that you should never meet your hero’s because they can turn out to be different than what you had hoped, and not in a good way, but Martin was as polite, lovely, and hilarious as I had hoped, and more. I haven’t met more than three or four ‘famous’ people in my life, but none has been as exciting or as much of a privilege as meeting one of my favourite actors. 

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